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Payment options

Currently, you can select Credit Card and Virtual Account Number to pay for an order. Here is a description of the payment process and note.

Virtual Account Number (VAN)
A VAN is different from a general banking account number because order-unique, i.e. each order has a unique VAN, so that the marketplace can check your payment more easily and handle your order more efficiently.
● Handling process of payment with VAN:
Bring your ATM card to an ATM (any ATM).
Select the following transaction: Inter-bank transfer
Enter the bank ID: 050 (Taiwan Business Bank)
Enter the VAN where the sum is transferred: ***** - ********* - * - *
(A VAN is a 16-digit code generated by the system. Enter all numbers exactly. Skip the dash “-” because they are only separators to facilitate reading.)
Enter the amount: Enter the amount as listed in the order, and the transfer is completed.

  Please make sure the following items to prevent delay of transfer confirmation:
Please transfer the exact amount as listed in the order. The shipping schedule will be delayed if the amount is unmatched, i.e. either less or more than the exact amount.
Every order has a unique VAN. Do not use the same VAN for different orders.

Paying with credit cards
“Credit Card” is the most convenient and efficient payment option. Once your credit card is accepted, your order will be accepted, and we will start handling the shipping.
● Handling process of paying with Credit Card:
Please complete the name of recipient, address of delivery, and the contact number before submitting out an order.
After entering the SSL-encrypted online card authentication page of the Taiwan Business Bank, enter data in respective fields as instructed, check all data and click Submit.
When the message “Credit Card Payment Accepted” displays on the screen, the ordering process is completed.
During the system is processing your data, DO NOT click on Back or Refresh button on the toolbar of your browser. Card authentication will be discontinued or the system will double charge from the same credit card account!
After checking out, a notice will be delivered to your email account. Keep the notice until you receive all items and the receipt of the order.

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