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Privacy Policy

GFEC SHOPPING is committed to respect and protect your privacy online. To help you understand how GFEC SHOPPING collects, uses and protects the personal information provided by you, you are advised to read carefully our Privacy Policy described below. Since this Policy is subject to changes to meet legal requirements and actual needs, please make regular inquiries to keep yourself informed of your rights.

1. How does GFEC SHOPPING collect your personal information?
Personal information are collected at different sections and in different formats on the GFEC SHOPPING site. The manners of collection include:
● Membership Registration
When you register for GFEC SHOPPING membership, GFEC SHOPPING will request your personal information such as your account number, password, e-mail address, personal website, and where you are from. After you are registered, you will be entitled to all services available exclusively for members.
● General Browsing
GFEC SHOPPING also keeps information automatically recorded on our server when you browse or search on our site, including the IP address of your equipment for accessing to the web, time spent, web browser used, records of information viewed and selected, etc. GFEC SHOPPING notes down the web browser of individual visitor accessing to our site and integrates the GFEC SHOPPING pages browsed by the user’s browser. Unless you are willing to provide us with your personal information, GFEC SHOPPING will not match such records with you, and it is actually impossible for GFEC SHOPPING to do so.
● Proposal for Partnership
GFEC SHOPPING may collect your personal or company information when you register your proposal for partnership. With regard to the personal information which you provide voluntarily, our advertisers, strategic alliance partners or other websites linked from our site have their own privacy policies. GFEC SHOPPING Privacy Policy does not apply to the handling of information by those persons, and GFEC SHOPPING assumes no liability with them, either jointly or severally.
● Other Manners
When you contact GFEC SHOPPING by letter or express your comments to our Customer Service Center through [Contact Us], GFEC SHOPPING will keep a record of your correspondence. Additionally, GFEC SHOPPING invites users from time to time to complete our forms of inquiry for internal study and research purposes. In your belief GFEC SHOPPING has failed to comply with the policy stated above, please let GFEC SHOPPING know by e-mail at any time. GFEC SHOPPING will do the best efforts to make prompt correction and improvements to the extent reasonable and appropriate.

2. GFEC SHOPPING’s policy on sharing your personal information with third parties

GFEC SHOPPING does not sell, exchange or rent any of your personal information to or with any other institution or individual without your consent. Only under the following circumstances will GFEC SHOPPING share your personal information with third parties in pursuance of the policy described as follows:
When GFEC SHOPPING provides you with other services or special benefits (such as discount coupons) and it is necessary for us to share your personal information with the third parties offering such services or privileges, GFEC SHOPPING will give full description of the activities and notify you before information are collected. You are free to choose whether or not to accept such services or benefits.
When GFEC SHOPPING is required by the judicial authority to disclose the personal information of any particular individual by reason of public security, GFEC SHOPPING will respond to the legal and formal process of such judicial authority to the extent necessary for the safety of all GFEC SHOPPING users.
When GFEC SHOPPING’s terms of service are being infringed or if the interest of GFEC, users of GFEC SHOPPING or any related third person is likely to be injured or impaired, and GFEC SHOPPING believes it is necessary to disclose the personal information in order to identify or contact the person or to take legal action against such person, GFEC SHOPPING is entitled to disclose the personal information of such user. Additionally, GFEC SHOPPING may also disclose or read the personal information of a user if GFEC SHOPPING believes in good faith that disclosure of such information is legally required or is necessary for the maintenance of and improvements to products or services for management or other purposes.

3. Policy on use of personal information collected

● Personalized Services
The primary purpose for GFEC SHOPPING to collect personal information is to provide better services to GFEC SHOPPING users. These include personalized services and many other types of services, most of which are offered free of charge.
● Online activities
All information collected by GFEC SHOPPING about answerers to our inquiries is used only for carrying out activities. Information such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and residence addresses are not used for purposes other than notifying the answerers of the opportunities of drawing prizes or results of activities as well as analysis purpose. All other information are used solely for commercial and market analysis or academic purposes. Unless the answerer agrees, all information are used for analysis purposes and will not be used by GFEC SHOPPING for other purposes, nor will GFEC SHOPPING release any information about individual answerer.
● Statistics and Analysis
GFEC SHOPPING carries out internal study on the number, preference and behavior of users based on the information supplied through users’ registration, promotional activities or documents on server logs or our investigations. Information not generated by your voluntary registration, such as IP addresses of users’ machines, online time spent, browser used, records of browsing clicks, etc. are used by GFEC SHOPPING for carrying out analysis of the overall behavior of all users rather than for analysis in respect of any individual user.

4. Functions of cookies and GFEC SHOPPING’s policy on use of cookies

To provide customized and personalized services, GFEC SHOPPING uses cookies to store and sometimes to track information about you. The cookie is brief information transmitted from the web server to your browser and stored in the hard disk. You can edit the acceptance level of cookies for your web browser by selecting the tab “Advance” under the “Function Setting” on the Netscape or choosing “Security” under “Internet Options” on IE, i.e. accepting all cookies, to be notified of cookies, or rejecting all cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some of the personalized services or to participate in certain activities. In the following circumstances, GFEC SHOPPING writes in and reads the cookies on your browser for the following purposes. Generally speaking, cookies are used for:
● Identification
Cookies will remind GFEC SHOPPING to verify your identity and access your account data in order to provide you with better and more personalized services. The cookies are created when you register with us or “log in” and are revised when you “log out”.
● Counting the number of visitors
Each browser accessing to GFEC SHOPPING site is given a single and exclusive cookies, which are used to identify the frequency of repeated uses and compare the number of uses of registered users with that of non-registered users for the purpose of counting the number of visitors and analyzing their modes of browsing to help us understand the web browsing condition as a reference for improving GFEC SHOPPING services.
● Surveying the modes of browsing
This shows the GFEC SHOPPING pages you have visited and the accumulated number of your visits. By using these information, we can understand whether the visitors have the same or different habits to enable us to improve your experience in visiting the GFEC SHOPPING site.
5.GFEC SHOPPING’s policy on updating personal information
● General registration of members
After you are registered as a member of GFEC SHOPPING, you can use your account number and password to edit from time to time any GFEC SHOPPING membership information you have entered (for instance, your name, nickname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and your file of GFEC SHOPPING network identity. If you forget your password, you may also change your password any time as you wish.
● Additional Policy
Except for the personal information which you have registered on a voluntary basis, you may not edit your personal information which you have voluntarily provided for other GFEC SHOPPING services.

6. GFEC SHOPPING’s personal information security policy

We suggest that you take good care of your GFEC SHOPPING account number, password and all personal information. Do not give any person your personal information, particularly your password. After you receive and read e-mails and finish with other procedures, make sure that you log out of your membership account. If you are sharing a computer with another person or are using a public computer, do not forget to close the browser window to prevent other persons from reading your personal information or e-mails. Your GFEC SHOPPING membership account information and the information on your network identity file are protected by the password, which may be read only by you.

You can use your GFEC SHOPPING membership account and password to edit your membership information and the information on your GFEC SHOPPING network identity file. However, there is no guaranty that transmission of data through Internet is 100% safe. Although GFEC SHOPPING makes every possible efforts to protect your personal information, there is no way for us to ensure or guarantee the security of the data you have transmitted to GFEC SHOPPING or received from GFEC SHOPPING in offering its services. The risks are yours to assume. Once GFEC SHOPPING receives the data transmitted by you, we will do our best efforts to ensure the safety of all data stored in our system.

7. Other online privacy policy

Your personal information revealed by you voluntarily through Internet are likely to be collected and used by other persons. If you release online your personal information that could be read by others, you will probably receive unsolicited mails sent by other institutions. Basically, the security of your password or account information is your sole responsibility, and you are urged to keep your membership information in good care.

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