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Inergy is a professional fabless IC design corporation which empowered our passion in both semiconductor and system solutions. We are transforming the way engineers and power solutions from upstream IC design to downstream modular manufacturing. Inergy deploys cost-effective energy utilization involving Motor, Battery, Solar and Lighting applications via diversified choices. For us, the most importance is bringing power innovation to desired clients. Major device is Battery Protection and charger ICs, Power MOSFETs, lMotor Drivers , Ballast now.
Intersil Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. Intersil products address three of the industry fastest growing markets flat panel displays, optical storage (CD and DVD recordable) and power management.  Intersil, based in Milpitas, California, is a semiconductor company with substantial revenues, leading global customers, a strong balance sheet and exciting growth potential. Recently, (Aug. 28, 2003) Intersil divested its wireless business to transition to a pure high performance analog company. This gives Intersil the opportunity to focus entirely on analog and expand the product portfolio into attractive new applications.
Micrel, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of advanced, high-performance communications, clock management, mixed signal, analog and power ICs. These products include devices for fiber-optic telecommunications and networking, cellular telephones, servers, portable computer systems, computer peripherals, process control systems, consumer electronics and power supplies.
For over 20 years, Microtronix has empowered customers worldwide with custom networking, communications, and embedded product solutions. The company specializes in rapid development of FPGA-based hardware, intellectual property (IP) cores, and software solutions for embedded applications. The company focuses their hardware talent on developing performance IP cores, including a line of SDRAM memory controllers, and the application of FPGA cores for accelerating HD video processing and conversion. Their software engineering expertise is in developing low-level hardware drivers, (for example, PCI/PCIe or Ethernet), TCP/IP protocol stacks, and Linux kernel development. Having ported the µClinux kernel distribution to the Altera® Nios® embedded processor architecture in 2001, Microtronix continues to support this technology on the second generation Nios II processor. This software competence is complimented with a line of engineering FPGA design kits and IP cores that augment Altera\'s Nios II and FPGA products. Microtronix FPGA design kits and IP cores support the following capabilities and applications: Ethernet, USB, processor bridge interfaces (Avalon® system interconnect), SDR/DDR/Mobile DDR and DDR2 memories, high-definition (HD) video processing and encoding/decoding, DVI, PCIe, and I2 C master/slave/PIO IP solutions.
Samtec, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. ...more
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